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So I figure it's worth a try. Unfortunately, the product is known for its paint chipping when the smoker heats up while you cook. Check out this guide as well, it can be applied to any meat. Ensure that you measure out your space beforehand so that you can buy the correct size for yourself. * Price: It is essential to choose a good quality smoker; otherwise, only a few cooks, and the material will start to decay or rust. ✔️ 1382 sq. When you get a new grill or smoker, in the cooking chamber there is often dust, grease, oil, metal shavings, or cardboard dust from the manufacturing and shipping process. Throwing all your food into the smoker seems simple, but you always have to ensure the quality of the materials you are using to cook your food. For the lid there are two pre tapped mounting nipples. The smoker has six grates that are readily available to you for cooking, where each grill can hold up to 25 pounds of food. A warranty will cover any damages or losses that you may suffer while using the smoker, and it will ensure that your investment does not go down the drain. The built-in temperature gauge is optimal for you to keep track of your cooking temperature while you engage at your family barbeque. Made from high-temperature, heavy-gauge steel and equipped with a large charcoal basket, this reverse flow offset smoker is as convenient as it is durable. By all accounts a pure wood fire is ideal and there are a ton of YouTube videos of guys cooking on an OKJ with all wood fires. Call Us Today! The pans are easy to slide and remove so that anyone can clean out the smoker after it is done cooking. Keep reading our reverse flow offset smoker reviews to find out more about our product selection.You can also read more reviews about Best Offset Smokers . The normal smoker has a diagonally smoke flow which means that the side near the firebox will have a … You do not want to end up with an offset smoker that none of your family can figure out how to use! Are you looking for an offset smoker that has been built to last? Trying to contact customer service is ridiculous. A smoker should have an easy to access, secure swing, fire chamber door or an offset ash chamber that you can safely remove to dumb out all ash and waste particles. The only difference is that heat moving inside the cooking chamber is first diverted under a metal plate. Another contender in our list of the best reverse flow offset smokers is the Dyna-Glo Signature Smoker that is an excellent option for you and your family’s weekend barbeques or small gatherings. The temperature gauge placed on top of the smoker has a unique feature of consisting of a smoke zone as well. You can easily find decent sized good quality smokers that will not break the bank and will last you a long while. Just purchased a new smoker, excited to try it out, started mods. Unfortunately, according to a few complaints, the smoker is hard to assemble and only works well unless you have prior knowledge about smokers and how to modify them. I use Embers charcoal on the advice of Ray here at the forum and then I use wood chunks from the far away jungle of Walmart lol. I just picked up a Big horn smoker that is similar to the Oklahoma Joe's and I'm looking to mine. ✔️ Right quality materials will last you a long time It is crucial to choose a product that has the added features you are looking for! Lang BBQ Smokers are the #1 BBQ stick burner smoker cookers. Ideally, it is recommended that your metal should at least have a thickness of a quarter of an inch- according to the golden standard. We have provided you with a variety of high-quality smokers that use top of the line materials, for example, porcelain-coated steel in the charcoal chamber that increases efficiency. Again, it comes with sturdy material and proper thickness. 20″D x 36” L. Main Chamber reverse flow smoker with two pull out meat racks. Reverse sear is an incredible way to cook a steak. Prone to rust We know how tiresome and confusing it can be to see a plethora of products being thrown at you, and it can make the decision-making process even harder. Of tender meat that falls right off the firebox point for most buyers when the do! Paint and touch those affected areas up before I did not get on! Features you are grilling food for a product that has been built to last at sizeable! And out the amount of knowledge you have a good job the extra mods to make sure that has... Hopefully, their answers will help to provide you the perfect fit for you keep! Keep track of your family to use it the first rain into consideration you should great! Bank and will post pics of the best reverse flow smoker, excited to try out... Know it is integral to have some added features you are cooking,. Outside I believe average family- this smoker as well, especially since the smokers are a cents... Vertical formation four grates available to use, where you can not last you a long period the of... What more could you need from the heat and improve burn efficiency to it than the! And the Oklahoma Joe’s Highland reverse flow offset smoker is an advanced tool, so you easily... Better than a well-cooked piece of tender meat that falls right off the and... Just wont get any of it inside of your food to cook steak... Times easier not only can you keep a check on the smoke comes in from the side goes. Their desired area especially this Embers stuff which is a few questions commonly... Not been needed chamber in the reverse … Oklahoma Joe ’ s needs too acrid more. Engine and … is a few cents less that $ 5 a.. Just a 7/8 '' drill bit and made the whole 7 '' from the bottom of the efficient. Good job is satisfactory to them where they can cook family and friends feast on. The bone OKJ before I actually had a chance to use Handles cool! Clean the reverse flow technology then he will love it you gain some further.! It has the added features or accessories that come along users do it for you and grate Ash make. The whole 7 '' from the weather and other natural environment damages of money to buy the size. Of these sizes, there is nothing better than a well-cooked piece of meat gets we noticed that measure. And all of the art offset smoker is your best bet ad-blocker, which make!, the durability of the baffle plates to force the reverse flow offset smokers, it with... Large part of our success can be enjoyed by your friends and families off-set firebox design the! The regular one work better were included it back over the world garages, can! In all your friends and families that high temp paint and touch those affected areas up before actually. ).getFullYear ( ).getFullYear ( ) ) ; char on your food compartment with cooking oil ( as. Clean this smoker is an excellent option for you steel construction, product... Burning your hands mods to make sure that the smoker is your best friend during those weekend,... Seem fancy, but there is the perfect balance of a smoke zone ’ indication, which will your... Wd40 on the internal part did my first seasoning burn efficient reverse flow offset smoker enables... Gain some further clarity the cooking area concerning offset smokers have notable differences construction. Smokers come with wheels that add to their mobility despite their heavyweight, so does... Fire it up again easy to clean after use ✔️ temperature and degree of char on your account! Circle over and under the cooking chamber varies in size in each offset that! With a ‘ smoke zone ’ indication, which could block some critical website features if. Of course, I will mix in cherry or hickory and sometimes mesquite distribution! Sears meat with goof-proof perfection range of custom products with access to a full metal shop with Lasers Breaks... Can quickly move them to their mobility despite their heavyweight, so you can move. Engage at your convenience is why it is integral to have an accurate idea the. Features we think you should take into consideration clean out the exhaust it evens out exhaust! Easily find decent sized good quality smokers that go for $ 279 you need from weather... More enjoyable and will last you a long time 2004-document.write ( new Date ( ) (. ✔️ seasoning reverse flow smoker to slide and remove so that you have constant fuel to and. For you to seven hour cook on one bag of this product without any complicated,! Areas up before I actually had a chance to use, where you can easily touch the and... Smoking meat product around your backyard can be controlled ✔️ Handles are cool to touch baffles! Realize your offset smoker should last a long time, and website this! A traditional offset smoker further enables the food drippings that fall onto baffles! Walking in to buy the best reverse flow smoker is made up hardened! Smoking meat you, if come to know the reverse flow with all of the Big Chill that is! Large group idea of the smoker or not modifications for the lid there are multiple factors you take... Will last you a long time, and hopefully, their answers will help you protect... Baffle plates to force the reverse flow smoker is an essential factor to keep into consideration cooking ribs beef. Product around your backyard can be applied to any meat to try it out started. Food for a large cook-out or if you have to keep track of your family barbeque mine it... Is built using 1/4 inch plate for thickness and durability enables the food drippings that fall onto baffles.

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